The Return of the Jedi - Part 3

26 July, 2021

This is the final part of a multi-part post. If you haven't already, feel free to check out the other parts:

I'm finally an engineer! 🎉

A couple of weeks ago, on the 12th of July, I finally defended my MSc thesis — The presentation went really well and I had a really nice and insightful discussion with the jury, managing to pull off a final grade of 20, which was pretty neat. With that, I've finally graduated as a Computer Engineer with a final GPA of 19/20 — the hard work paid off!

That being said, I'm now starting a new big journey. Earlier today I arrived in London where I will be staying in the future to work for Palantir Technologies as a Software Engineer! I'm really excited to start, and I'm sure I will be facing a lot of interesting challenges and that I will learn plenty of new things.

This wasn't much of a post, it was more of a status update than anything 😅 I'm probably going to be busy with settling in during the near future, so I will likely not be posting anything in the meantime. I will be back once I have something interesting to write about, though 😋